VP of Training & Development at Bachrach & Associates, Inc.

"Bill provided patient, detail-oriented work on our first project, which was challenging and needed precision. He took the time and made an extra effort to get it just right - even when what we asked for appeared to be impossible. The final project had no flaws, which of course, led to my willingness to hire Bill for other projects. I recommend Bill for his diligence and easy-going manner, an unusual and powerful combination in this line of work."

Luce, Forward, Hamilton, & Scripps LLC

"Bill you were fantastic to work with and really helped make this a successful and fun project. Your insight and editing lent to the final output and quality. We feel blessed to have found you to be our video partner. We'd be pleased to provide a testimonial, should you ever need one."

Staylor-Made Communications, Inc.

"Bill Manning has been a very positive and reliable resource for Staylor-Made Communications. As an editor he is fast, creative, and detail-oriented. Clients like working with him because he anticipates their needs and is extremely thorough. Bill also brings a wealth of talent and skill while serving on shoots where he provides good solid camerawork. He is a team player willing to pitch in anywhere. I would recommend Bill Manning for any position in video production."

Special Olympics Southern California

"The video you shot is GREAT, thank you! All of us with SOSC are appreciative that you came to Big Bear to share your time and talents with us. We have many uses for this video, some of which includes recruiting athletes, volunteers and sponsors. You have captured the spirit of the Games and our athletes. Again, thank you. You have given us great memories of the Special Olympics Southern California Winter Games."

Communication Works, Inc.

"We hired Bill to create a memorable video/dvd for an important event and his work was the star of the show! Bill is an outstanding listener and interpreter of your needs and he adds his creativity and aesthetic talent to produce very cool results. I'd hire Bill again in a heartbeat!"

Limelight Public Relations

"Yes, everything turned out great! Fox and KUSI used video you shot yesterday for their evening newscasts! I'll definitely call you for future shoots! "

ElderHelp of San Diego

"The video looks fantastic! You did a great job - I love it! Thanks for doing such an amazing job!"

Media Relations Manager, Taylor Guitars

"Bill Manning is one of the most creative and enterprising people I know. His dedication and hard work have been inspiring to me as I've watched him carve a niche in the local video production/post production scene. He is constantly learning more about his craft, and applying what he learns to his client's projects. As a videographer, editor, producer or director, Bill will add value to any project - highly recommended!"

Luce, Forward, Hamilton, & Scripps LLC

"Bill has an uncanny ability to balance the technical needs of video production with an extremely creative mind. As a result, he sees solutions that others do not. He is efficient and builds value into every project -- whether it is creating a video for a company retreat or recording webinars. More importantly his work product is flawless."

KJOS Music Publishers, Inc.

"When I was hired at my current job, I inherited a DVD project that was stalled. The vendor was having problems creating professional-looking graphics for the DVD. We also needed a very complex menu solution - there were hundreds of audio files we wanted to be playable from the DVD - and the vendor seemed unable or unwilling to accommodate us. I consulted with Bill, and he kept coming up with ideas that our vendor never mentioned, so I turned the project over to him. He re-did the menu graphics, created the functionality we wanted, and cleaned up audio problems.

He also did video editing that improved the look and quality of several of the video sequences. His prices are more than fair, by the way. In addition to his ability to come up with workable solutions under tight deadlines, Bill is willing to take the time to educate his clients - I learned quite a bit from working with him. So I hired him again. We are now in the middle of finishing up a series of 20 DVDs with similar menus to the first project - hundreds of audio files must be playable from the disks, as well as video files - and Bill has created the menus necessary to make the project work for our target market, music educators. We are working under a tremendous amount of deadline pressure, and Bill is helping us make our deadlines. He is a problem solver, and we appreciate him for that."

Torrey Pines Elementary School

"The San Diego Opera collaborated with Torrey Pines Elementary School in La Jolla in a unique outreach program. We needed the services of Lightspeed-Imaging to shoot the children performing an Opera on the school site. The final result exceeded our expectations. Not only that the work was professionally done, included the final delivery of nicely printed and boxed up DVDs, Mr. Manning also provided some creative solutions such as special editing features."