People absorb 5-10 times more information by watching video than by reading or listening alone.

Lightspeed Imaging will help you create the lasting impression you desire.


Lightspeed Imaging is the product of two decades of video editing and computer integration experience in projects that have ranged from the South Pacific, to North America, to Africa.

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Industrial and corporate video production for training, promotion, events, fund raising or internal use.

Come take a look at some samples of our videos.

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"Bill provided patient, detail-oriented work on our first project, which was challenging and needed precision. He took the time and made an extra effort to get it just right."

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Provide a powerful overview of a storyteller's life and values in a style to showcase what an individual would like those they care about to know what they're "all about."

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About Us

Over 25 years of video and computer experience in industrial and corporate video production for training, promotion, events, and fund raising.

From concept, to shooting, to editing, we provide our clients with a product and image that will motivate and inspire.

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The key to staying current or ahead of the game is continuous updated marketing. Marketing is the best investment a business can make.

Let us help you achieve that goal.

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1"I have spent some more time watching and listening to the video...man this isn't easy is it?? I have even more respect for what you do."

2"Thanks for ALL your efforts and work on this project. Kudos to you and many, many thanks for sharing your talents in making this excellent tribute."

3"Bill has an uncanny ability to balance the technical needs of video production with an extremely creative mind."