Company Information

Starting 25 years ago, Lightspeed Imaging has formed strategic alliances with professionals in graphics, animation, scriptwriting, and production to offer intelligent, cost effective multimedia products that can be delivered in many formats including the web, computer presentation, or DVD.

What We Do


All sizes and budgets from small one-camera shoot to multi-camera, full production crew.


Working creatively with clients to help them achieve their end goals with creativity and stay within budget.


Multi-format media encoding. Video ready for web delivery. Creative DVD design and authoring.

Our News

  • Why does a business need video?
    • Market or sell products
    • Gain new customers
    • Train employees
    • Demonstrate services
    • Stay competitive with today's evolving technology
  • How does a business use video?
    • Corporate Videos/DVD's - Company Overview
    • Product/service information
    • Viral marketing
    • Sales/employees/management training
    • Speeches and Seminars
    • Conferences, Trade Shows, and Meetings
    • New Hire Orientation
    • Fund Raising

Our Vision

Get your clients feeling good and confident about doing business with you. And, don't we all buy on emotion anyway?

Our Mission

From concept to shooting, to editing, to authoring, our goal for our clients is to produce a product and image that will inspire their audience.

Our Projects

Lightspeed Imaging is the product of two decades of video experience, in projects that have ranged from the South Pacific, to North America, to Africa.